In the midst of materialism, greed, and strife

Contains the elixir of life Love.

Love is the force heavily desired, however easily acquired The soul who walks in love neither tires others or grows tired So don’t fear to step out of the circle of time, and into the circle of love

For it is divine love you will vibrate when ego is let go of

Become wounded by your own understanding of love and bleed willingly and joyfully

Live in love – and you will never die Eat and drink in love – and your hunger/thirst will transcend the tastes of the tongue

Move in love – and the divine currents will push your stagnancies to the side

Breathe in love – and you will never feel suffocated by anxieties or struggles

Soar in love – and you will expand your wings to reach new heights everyday

Swim in love – and you will never drown in the pool of materialism

Speak love – and you will eventually communicate through silence

Dream love – and it will become your awakened reality

Get lost in an ecstasy of love – and you will find yourself

Become an embodiment of love – because you are love


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